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  • Introduction

    I am retired due to a car accident. But I have pretty much worked in some form of investigation all of my life.

    I would say that the highest percentage of my investigations were centered around the legal and credit industry. There were occasional times when I had to get involved in criminal investigations. It was not the primary focus of my career, but working for lawyers you do occasionally get involved.

    Over over the years I have trained many people at collection agencies, law firms and other businesses on how to locate people. When I went back to college after my first son was born, I even spent some time training customer service and call center reps on how to spot fraudulent orders.

    Over over the years I've done service of process, bail recovery, repossession, foreclosure, field collections, general investigations, background checks, I've assisted TV stations with investigations, I've done judgement recovery, garnishments, and even work as a bodyguard for some musicians and people with too much money and not enough common sense.

    I do a lot of volunteer work with my church, I'm a semi-professional musician. I play in a 50 piece concert band and also collect comic books.

    I have two sons, a college student who is working towards becoming an airline pilot, the other son is an investigator and it's all my fault. He started hanging out at my office after school when he was 12 and my paralegals put him to work training him to skip Trace. He was a regional manager for local detective agency, and is now an internal investigator for Fortune 500 company..
    I have a 13 month old grandson and a two year old pitbull.

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    Thank you for the intro Ron! I look forward to picking your brain even more than I have!